ORIGIN : TURKEY


In historical documents, it is stated that hazelnuts were produced on the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey 2300 years ago, and it is known that hazelnuts have been exported from Turkey to other countries since the last 6 centuries. Turkey, which is one of the few countries in the world with the appropriate weather conditions necessary for hazelnut production, carries out 75% of the total world production.

In the middle of August or end of August, Turkish hazelnuts usually ripen according to the height of the place where the garden is located. Timely harvesting is carried out by collecting from the ground the purulent nuts that fall to the ground with the shaking of the nut branches.Another way of harvesting is by collecting one by one from the tree.

About 90% of the nuts consumed in Turkey and around the world are roasted, blanched, chopped, sliced, flour and mashed chocolate, biscuits, confectionery industry, dessert, cake and ice cream making and food and salads are used as auxiliary substances.