Dried Apricot


Turkey realizes 82% of the total dried apricot trade of the world. When we look at the world dried apricot production and export of dried apricot, it can be seen that Turkey is the leader without any serious competitors.

Apricot cultivation, which is spread in most of the agricultural regions of Turkey, finds its best environment in the province of Malatya. Due to the composition arising from the ecology of the province, Malatya origin apricots gained economic value in the form of dried apricots for years.

Turkish Dried Apricot from Malatya region, are famous because of the dry material content. While the dry material content of Malatya apricots vary between 24 % and 30 %, but other varieties was observed at only 20 %.


Classification of Turkish Dried Apricot : In Turkish Standards- TS 485, The two important quality criteria of dried apricots with regard to this standard are: moisture and SO2 contents, which should not exceed 25% and 2500ppm by weight respectively.The variety of Turkish sun dried apricots is Prunus armeniaca L. And called as "Sekerpare"