Dried Fig


Turkey is the biggest dried fig producer and exporter in the world. 60-70% of world's dried fig production and 75% of world's fig export.

There are traces that figs were cultivated in their motherland Anatolia in the years of 3000-2000 B.C. and they were spread through the Mediterranean from Anatolia within time.

Turkish dried figs are grown under natural conditions and harvested and sun dried on racks under controlled conditions. They are graded, and stored in hygienic plastic food grade crates and washed with running warm water and packed at hygienic conditions.

In fig production, especially Izmir, Odemis, Tire, Aydin, Germencik, Ortaklar are the main places.


There are two groups; natural and shaped (processed).In the processed group there are different types like lerida (most wanted), garland, protoben, pulled, layer, etc
Moisture should not exceed 26 % by weight respectively.